How We Work


Before the Project Starts

  • You schedule a meeting with us through here
  • We meet and discuss your needs
  • The process can split from here
    • If you need more details about what services we can offer, we present you with a proposal
    • If you agree to our services, we present you with a contract
  • Once the proposal is accepted (if needed) and the contract signed, we will begin work on your project

During the Project

  • In the contract we will agree upon multiple important things:
    • The scope of the project
    • The timeline of the project
    • The payment schedule
    • The payment method
    • etc
  • We will keep you updated on the progress of the project in the manner you prefer, this could include:
    • scheduled demos
    • ticket updates
    • digital notifications
    • deployed environments where you can test the software yourself

After the Project is Complete

  • We will send you a final invoice
  • Once the invoice is paid, we will send you the final product
  • We will also send you a survey to get your feedback on the project


  • We will offer you a maintenance plan for your project