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Meridth, LLC is a strategic advisory firm that provides technical guidance and solutions to businesses across many industries. We have extensive experience in software development, project management, and business strategy development, and have worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

We work with customers brands and startups


Our Main Services


Web development

We can help you setup your business online and start selling your products/services.


Code Review/Security

We can review your current code for best practices, maintenance, and security.



We provide training on software development, tooling, best practices, security, and many other technology related topics.



"We've developed a great partnership with Meridth, LLC and their dedication to our platform and product is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our platform to life online. It feels as if we have gained an internal team of the company. They provide highly scaled team. The flexibility, agility and scalability are maximum, and it is amazingly how open and trusted they are. They are very proactive and just remarkable in every way." - James Quail, LifeLoop: CEO & Co-Founder


"Meridth LLC has played a pivotal role in guiding our team toward the best possible technical outcomes. They emphasize solutions that make the most out of the resources you have available. Working with their lead developer, Jason, has been an eye-opening experience for our company. He is dedicated to open and effective communication and knows how to steer difficult conversations toward technical decisions that the whole team can agree with. Meridth LLC has the expertise and skill set to help any company achieve their goals." - Jacob Ernst, PCSGrades: Engineering Lead


"As the CEO of a small company, having reliable, flexible, highly competent and still affordable IT support was something of a myth until we found Meridth, LLC and Jason Meridth. He assists us in areas that we need urgently; security, device set up, accessibility issues etc. but also guides us on how to be better prepared in the future. Our business runs smoother now we have his company on our side." - Nina Spencer, Onward Consulting, CEO


"Having worked with Meridth, LLC and Jason Meridth for the past few years, not only can I attest to the breadth and depth of his experience as a senior developer, but perhaps more importantly, he's a trusted professional who is easy to work with." - Todd Ernst, PCSGrades: Founder & CEO


"I've had the pleasure of working with the team at Meridth LLC for several years now and have consistently been impressed by the level of talent and dedication to quality that exists within the company. As a junior engineer, I was fortunate enough to be mentored by the lead developer, Jason, who not only helped me develop my technical skills but also fostered my growth as a leader within the organization. Jason is an exceptional software engineer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. He is patient, approachable, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Under his guidance, I was able to make significant strides in my career and eventually move into a senior engineering role. The company has a strong focus on collaboration and everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and expertise to projects. The team is also highly adaptable, able to quickly pivot and embrace new technologies as needed." - Eddie Knight, Sonatype: Developer Advocate

Our Team


Jason Meridth

Owner/Principal Consultant

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